CRAT Reflect Commission

(ACTIVE from 1st Day of CRAT Blockchain)Money box

CRAT Token is a utility reflect token in the marketplace; the ecosystem is the CratD2C Blockchain Protocol. Additionally, it's decentralized. The CRAT Blockchain was built with a reflect mechanism with a 5% fee charged every time a transaction happens on the Blockchain; 2.5% goes to CRAT Token HodLers. In comparison, the remaining 2.5% goes to Manufacturers & Consumers trading on the CratD2C E-commerce Platform.



  • Q3-Q42021

    ITO (Private and Public) CRAT Luxury LifeStyle Platform Development 3-5 Public Exchange Listing CRAT L.L Product Launch

  • Q12022

    Manufacturers Listing

  • Q1-Q22022

    CratD2C E-commerce Platform Development

  • Q22022

    Community Exchange Platform Development

  • Q32022

    The Official Launch of CratD2C E-commerce Trading Platform

  • Q32022

    The Official Launch of Community Exchange Platform

  • Q42022

    Integration and Deployment of Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and others Services on CratD2C Blockchain Ecosystem for Wider Acceptability of CRAT Token.

  • Q42022

    More CRAT Token Public Listing

  • Q42022

    Further Deployment & Listing of More Manufacturers on CratD2C E-commerce Platform

  • Q1-Q42023 & Beyond

    Collaboration of World Existing E-commerce Platforms with CratD2C Blockchain Ecosystem