CratD2C Universal Payment Gateway

In the current world where cryptocurrencies and web3 applications are gaining much adoption, quite a few individuals own or apply their usage for daily activities. However, the recent wave of eCommerce growth implies that cryptocurrency can be used for any means of payment wherever possible, so the relevant industries are worth paying close attention to it.

The main points where eCommerce businesses gain many transactions in the real world are

PoS terminalsonline Widget/Api transactionsvending machines

The CratD2C Universal Payment Gateway give immediate solutions on a global scale in this perspective for this paradigm shift.



  • Q3-Q42021

    ITO (Private and Public) CRAT Luxury LifeStyle Platform Development 3-5 Public Exchange Listing CRAT L.L Product Launch

  • Q12022

    Manufacturers Listing

  • Q1-Q22022

    CratD2C E-commerce Platform Development

  • Q22022

    Community Exchange Platform Development

  • Q32022

    The Official Launch of CratD2C E-commerce Trading Platform

  • Q32022

    The Official Launch of Community Exchange Platform

  • Q42022

    Integration and Deployment of Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and others Services on CratD2C Blockchain Ecosystem for Wider Acceptability of CRAT Token.

  • Q42022

    More CRAT Token Public Listing

  • Q42022

    Further Deployment & Listing of More Manufacturers on CratD2C E-commerce Platform

  • Q1-Q42023 & Beyond

    Collaboration of World Existing E-commerce Platforms with CratD2C Blockchain Ecosystem